About Me

My name is Ayal J. Rozen, 35 yo, and i am currently I am a student at Middlesex Community College. Studying in Digital Media Production with a News and Sports focus. Furthering my knowledge and education in a field that I love so much.

I am a freelance camera operator for Yale Divinity School in New Haven.

Interned as a media production assistant at the Center for New Media at Middlesex Community College and at Yale Divinity School.

Volunteer at a non-profit organization called “The Trail of Terror,” located in Wallingford CT. I am part of the leader team.

My native tongue is Hebrew and I am fluent in English as a second language.

During my military career I extended my skills as a team member and a team leader. I learned the meaning of hard work, dedication to a common goal, and first hand experience as a leader.

In high school I was enrolled in the cinema program, and that is where I learned how to edit, direct, set up and operated a camera, and be a part of an on-set crew.

I will continue to post updates on my work and ongoing education.

Check back frequently!